What Is Mindscaping & How Can It Help Me?

Mindscaping is one of my favorite techniques to use with clients. I have had huge success in making breakthroughs with my clients using this technique.

Sometimes you just want a clear view of how to overcome an issue, along with quick, easy shifts or solutions & with the option of sharing or not sharing what the issue is.

This is when a Mindscaping Session will be your solution.

The basic premise of Mindscaping is that we all have within us the answers to our problems or questions. Your subconscious mind has the right map or Mindscape for the changes you want to make or the solution you’re looking for. Mindscaping accesses your subconscious mind.

I will guide you step-by-step, connecting you with the landscape & symbolic language of your subconscious mind. This will help you map & find a clear pathway to your inner wisdom so you can find answers for solving problems & putting solutions into place. The effect then creates personal insight which ripples outward as positive change in your life.

Mindscaping doesn’t require a deep level of hypnosis. However, many people might experience a light sense of trance similar to that experienced while daydreaming.

Mindscaping can be used for almost any type of desired change or solution. It’s a remarkable technique to help you unlock your blocks, open the doors & get back on track & into flow as you naturally move toward achieving your goals.

Mindscaping is versatile & can be applied to most situations & ages. It’s an excellent technique to do with children as it helps with their issue all while allowing them to run wild with their own imagination. Because it’s so much fun they don’t realize their own mind is actually guiding them to the solution of their problem.

What Happens In A Mindscaping Session?

You’ll get into a comfortable sitting position, gently close your eyes & follow Jeanne Marie’s guidance. You’ll be asked to visualize or suppose things, to describe them & to notice the changes as they occur. The best part, however, will be the positive results you’ll recognize immediately following your session.

Mindscaping is easy to use, pleasant to experience & powerfully life changing.